👋 Hi – I’m Benny. I’m a dad and husband based in Brooklyn, NY.

I work as a software engineer focused on building delightful mobile user experiences. I’m currently working at Instagram building GenAI products.

At Instagram, I’ve built the add yours sticker 🤝, tried to take away your like counts ❤️, had some fun with the app icon 🎉, and did a bunch of stuff with emoji 👀.

I was previously at Patreon on the iOS app. I launched the Chats product and the Video product before that. I also gave a talk with my colleagues about how we rebuilt our mobile apps.

I cofounded Timehop — an app that brought together all of your memories in one place in a simple, bite-sized way daily. Over twenty million people have enjoyed using Timehop and inspired many other apps to build similar experiences.

In a previous life: built Gilt City & Exit Strategy NYC.


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9/11 reflections
annual reflection on September 11th. In 2001, I was a junior at Stuyvesant High School – a five minute walk from Ground Zero.
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